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First Look!!

It's hard to believe that tomorrow (at 4:00 a.m. LOL) the pups will be one week old!! Wow it's gone fast and I think the next 7 weeks may fly by too. The pups are incredible. Each one is growing and gaining weight. Their eyes will open at some point in the upcoming week and the ticking is already coming in. We have solid liver heads and those with white blazes. The blazes will continue to lessen as the pups grow. The ticking will continue to darken for quite some time as well.

Ella continues to be a fantastic mother. She is doing well and eating/drinking tons. She makes me so proud!

We took a lot of photos and I put this short presentation together. Tomorrow I'll try to post the full gallery plus some additional photos. The pups enjoyed their photoshoot yesterday and my niece and her best friend came over to help and we named each one. We had these weekly marker plaques made for them by an ETSY artist who went above and beyond!!! I love them, I hope you do as well.

We hope you enjoy the pics and the names we chose. Each pup has a formal "IN" identify and a name with IN within their call name. They are all perfect, I continue to not be biased (yeah right!). The best part is their puppy breath is strong and full of life - there is nothing better - I wish I could bottle and send to each of you.

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