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First Pictures and Thoughts

First, I want to thank everyone for the texts and emails yesterday. I knew Ella would have her pups early and thought perhaps late Saturday or Sunday. She waited until 4 a.m. on Monday morning (yesterday) at which time her water broke. After a while of nesting in her box, pacing the floor, digging up the whelping pads she finally had her first. A beautiful girl with healthy lungs!! Another girl quickly followed and Ella continued to have 6 wiggly puppies. After the 6th, 2 1/2 hours went by. This can be typical and finally she pushed through a big girl who obviously wanted to make a grand entrance. Ella then continued through the night and day.

Ella's 9 puppies are thriving. There are 6 girls and 3 boys. They are beautiful, just perfect in every way, and no I'm not biased. Ok, maybe a little, make it a lot!!

Ella is doing great. She's tired, as to be expected. Ella has been the perfect mom. Paying full attention to them and never leaving their side. She's drinking tons of water and this will help her create milk for the little ones.

At this point all of Ella and Roy's puppies are spoken for. I'm sorry to have disappointed so many who reached out and I truly hope you find a breeder who will work with you to find the perfect pup in their litter. I'm honored that you reached out to us and appreciate your interest in Hideaway Acres.

For those that will be part of the Hideaway Acres family with one of these pups, we are excited to share the next 8 weeks with you and of course the many years after you bring your pup home. Stay tuned for an overload of puppy pictures and much excitement. Do you have your "IN" name ready? More to follow on how I decided on this litters theme.

I want to thank my mom for coming to be with me and Ella for the big event. She's staying on and off for a bit and you will likely meet her during one of your visits. I guess the saying, you always need your mom is true for puppy whelping as well :)

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