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Oh my!!

IN January Ella and I had a conversation. It went like this .... me: Ella I want a perfect healthy litter, six puppies would be great, eight could be fun. Ella: sure, I'll do whatever you want. me: Thank you Ella I love you and you are my princess!

Jump forward a week before due date and we had another conversation. me: Ella, the xray shows you're having 10-12 puppies. Ella: I'm such an overachiever!

True story!!

So next week give or take a couple of days we are going to welcome our IN puppies INto the world. We are excited, getting ready, and still so much to do.

Ella is uncomfortable and big, really really big. The puppies are moving around like soccer players at the World Cup! It's so neat to see.

To start getting ready we put up one of the whelping boxes. Our new DuraWhelp from her fairy godmother, Karen!! It has a purple whelping pad (of course we love purple). Ella loves it. She started nesting in it last night and finally stretched out and took a nap comfortably. It was so nice to see her relax for a while.

Ella has lots of water available at all times. This will help her produce milk for the babies. In case we need to supplement we will have a supply of goats milk available. 12 puppies is a lot and will be exhausting for her.

I decided to go with a second whelping box with her litter. As I work from home I want to ensure the opportunity to have the pups where I work and this will give me more flexibility as the puppies grow and I decide which works better for us.

Our puppy supplies continue to come in - UPS and Amazon stop by daily!

Check out her xray. Try and count the spines and skulls. Some are easy to find a couple very subtle. As we head to the home stretch, we'll see the final count soon!

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