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Pictures Uploaded - 4/16/22

Oh gosh, I'm sure you've checked all week for pictures and posts. I'm so very sorry. I do have pictures from all week and last weekend and I've started uploading them. I'll get them posted tomorrow. I just peeked at them and the change in a week is incredible!

Posts have been difficult and thus non existent this week. As the puppies are fully weaned (much to Ella's dismay!) they require so much more time and attention. They are fed 3 times a day, multiple cleanings, change of toys to keep them interested and multiple reconfigurations. Not to mention the laundry!!!! Plus the pups ventured out this week for the first time. Herding 9 puppies through a garage takes skill and patience! Did I mention the laundry?

Every free moment I have I spend with the pups and have been on my computer minimally. I'm sad I haven't been more communicative, and I do hope you understand. The change in the pups are just wow! Quiet time at night when everyone is tucked in for the night is precious. I get up early and to bed at midnight. There is nothing I love more than laying with them and cuddling all of them.

We are so excited to have hosted so many incredible folks this past week and more this weekend. Everyone was so gracious and happy to play with the pups. How lucky are we to have new extended family. We're thrilled to have welcomed you and look forward to what the future brings.

The pups moving to their new families is close. It's starting to sink in and I'm not ready. I have not made any decisions yet for the families or for me. This is a stunning litter, with great temperaments and very difficult to sort through. I know everyone is excited to know who will take who home, but I do expect it will be down to the wire.

On that note I'll end here and work to get all the pics (over 100) uploaded tomorrow!!

All the best for a wonderful Easter weekend.

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