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Seven weeks!

Seven weeks and they are just the best puppies!!!

This past weekend I had a puppy party for a few of my closest dog friends. This is typical of show breeders to invite a few folks over to see the pups, help evaluate and stack them on the tables. This is always a great day as I get to sit back and watch others interact with the pups and see them on the table. It helps to show temperament, structure, the “it” factor and how they interact with others and humans. Our vet even came with her daughter who was INlove with our purple caterpillar!!! When the pups are gone my friend Barbara recommended renting playland for human kids LOL.

The puppy pen was expanded by triple and we had a beautiful day. On Sunday, Roys breeder/owner came as well. She thought the pups were terrific and I have to agree. She didn’t make my choice easier that’s for sure!!

Below are some pics from the weekend and from our INlunch and the INvitation. We were able to sneak in some fork fulls between the pups lunch and nap. As Ella is a princess she had to have a party fit for royalty!

The puppies go for their vet exam, shots, and microchip on Monday. The following Friday eve or Saturday is when the pups can go to their new homes. If you have a preference please send me an email with day and time. I can be flexible as well.

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