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Spelling Bee?

So much to catch up on, lets start with the alphabet ….

I knew early in life that my right brain owned me, where as my sister was left brained. I would take a box of crayons and draw atry that hung in a museum (true story), my sister took a coloring book and colored in every line. I loved colors, the guitar, and was as happy to play with cars as well as Barbie’s. My sister on the other hand won spelling contests and her handwriting was neat. As the creative child, it was no surprise when one of our puppy families asked me, “what’s special about spirit and why doesn’t her have name have IN? Um, mouth drop, my brain running through the alphabet sure there’s an IN in there somewhere. Low and behold there’s not. OOPS. Certainly spirit is spelled spirINt, right? OK lol oops moment . We we’rent far off though …. spirINt, sprINt, spIN, spINe, spINdlle. Spirit is full of spirit, we’ll keep her name, it suits her, Accountability, yup, living up to my obviously spelling error. Y’all keep me honest when we’re putting together registered names and ensure we capture the IN spirit!!

You’re probably wondering why I have not posted pics in a few days. I had a last minute trip to Chicago this week for work. It was only a 2 day trip and I’m sitting on the plane coming home. My intent was to upload pics from this past weekend while on the trip. That would’ve been perfect except going through security out of NJ a lady was super pushy and when I put my laptop and tablet in the bin I did not realize the TSA agent moved it to a new bin. When I got through security the same pushy lady started screaming about her missing shoe. I was distracted and didn’t realize until I was on the plane that I didn’t have my computer. You can imagine years of pictures and all kinds of important things suddenly gone. I put in a claim with TSA and I finally received notification that they found my items and I’ll be able to pick them up. As soon as possible I’ll get the 4 week pics up. The pups were wide awake for these pictures and sit stay did not have an impact on their curious minds!!

Pups continue to thrive. They are all on their feet, playing with each other, eating ground puppy food and goats milk, and starting to be much more playful.

The pups love (I’m making that up) to listen to music. They will be some of the most sophisticated pups ever - one day classical, the next jazz, some country, a bit of hip hop, and techno. But my favorite day was club dance music. All the pups had a dance session and I still remember all the words to ”What is Love“.

To give the pups some independence I’ve been taking them out of the puppy room one by one. They had photos done in the living room and explored everywhere but the photo area LOL. It turns out all the pups love to walk on furniture and coffee tables are extra special attractions. Really hoping the weather is nice this weekend to bring them outside!!

Lastly today I would like to share about this past weeks photo shoot. When Ella was a puppy I took her to a car show where my nephews/niece were. I brought Ella and told my nephew that one day I wanted an old farmers truck refurbished and on one side I wanted it to say Lina’s Fruit Stand and the other Ella’s Flower Shop. I knew I would win any car show we entered :). About a year ago I was scrolling through Etsy and came across a decorated car in the style I always wanted. The Etsy artisan created the cards for me. Maybe not quite what I had in mind when I said it , but a fun moments nonetheless. This is the backstory if you’re wondering why the theme for this past week has a car.

Have a great day.

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