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Thursday Catch up

I was able to take a few pics and videos. You'll be able to see the eyes in some of the pictures. GSP eyes are born blue and they darken to brown over the first couple of years. The darker the better, according to our standard.

This weekend Ella's fairy Godmother (Karen, who loves and takes daily long hikes for Ella's brother Eamon) will stop by to have some cuddles. I'm sure I can convince her to take some pics and her pics are much better than mine!! Ella will be so excited to share her pups with Karen and in another week or so I'll reach out regarding puppy visits for our families. (week 5/6) I feel like time is flying by!

As we move out of the ENS stage and into transitional the pups are being exposed to their new activities. Their eyes and ears are still developing and today's new adventure was singing and clapping! I did not (nor will I) take a video but you can relate the song Happy (by Pharrel Williams) with quite a few revisions. Since the pups didn't run away they must not have minded too much. I even had to use the impact gun to put a couple of screws in the doggy door holders into the bedroom. Tomorrow, "Alexa" will help with some classical music. I may even have a couple of the pups join conference calls tomorrow.

Ok, so some fun pictures below and growing pups. Can you pick out the picture of the milk face? I had wiped some off before I snapped the picture, but I'm hoping you can see it.

You're probably wondering why there is a photo of a "gray" box. That's Quinn's tummy. He was walking and hit the photo button on my phone while it was on the floor. Maybe I get can him to take photos for me :)

Lastly, we have a yoga puppy. On the back enjoying momma's milk with 2 feet in the air and 2 against momma. You won't be able to miss this picture and I'm sure will bring a smile as I hope they all do.

I'm so excited tomorrow is Friday. The weekends are so precious for me. Enjoy tonight's pics and videos.

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