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Ticking coming IN!!

It's Saturday night and somehow another week has flown by. These last few days have been extra special as the pups got to meet over 30 people on Thursday!! Ok, no I did not have a party at the house, but I did have a new team virtual meeting. The company I work for just merged and our teams are coming together. When asked what is "your guilty pleasure" I just had to share about the pups and gave everyone a peek at a piece of heaven!! Is there anything better than puppies? They were perfect and I was able to stay on the call with a pup cradled in my arm. I actually work really hard and really long hours, but I'm lucky I work from home and the pups are in one of my offices.

Today I was able to touch base with a couple of puppy families. I'm sorry I wasn't able to call everyone. It was last minute and later in the day. If we didn't connect today we can next weekend and do a live feed. You won't be able to take in the puppy breath, but you will be able to see how strong they are becoming and up on their legs.

The pics and video below are from this past Thursday and Friday. I love to just sit and soak in the pups and take these pics with my phone. Sorry about the "leg/foot" in the pics. I was trying to avoid it, but hard when pups are sleeping on your lap. Just for fun, the tattoo on my foot is representative of two of the most important parts of my life - an infinity circle with a paw and cancer ribbon - both signify my journey in life.

I took two week pictures today and unfortunately my niece wasn't here to help. She's the best assistant and I really missed her being here! I admit I have a great camera, but no clue how to properly use it. Sorry for any overexposed and unclear photos! Since I was by myself I had to manage name cards, puppies, Ella, and all other related things. Two hands really are not enough :)

The best part though when I picked up the first puppy i looked into her face and peeping just a tiny bit was the opening of her left eye. This pup with the first peek a boo eye was INgrid. Since the flash goes off automatically I did not take a picture, but trust it was enough to bring a couple tears of joy!! And although I'm absolutely sure the camera has a "no flash" button somewhere I had no idea where!

The pups are growing, beautifully. This litter is so incredibly special to me and Ella holds a piece of my heart that is hers and hers alone. She is my cinderella and has produced the most magical gift of all for me!

Geez, I'm being a bit sappy tonight, but I guess I feeling a bit nostalgic already as I have a couple day business trip and already miss the pups. Don't worry Ella won't be on her own. Momma Sue (my mom) will be here to ensure everyone continues to thrive. Hopefully I'll be able to get her to snap a few pics and I can still share.

Have a great night and enjoy today's thoughts!!! There's so much more to share!

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