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Tonight's Bedtime Story

“Once upon a time there was a human. She had a dream. She knew that the human world had a love for GSPs and she also knew that GSPs were very active and made for somewhat rambunctious puppies. Her dream was to help all the humans understand GSPs and ensure that GSPs had the best homes.

She studied GSPs for years, had wonderful pups and learned through trial and error, success and challenges, and through love and tears. Her dream became a reality when she wrote a book for all the humans to learn from. Her name was Denise, and she is one of your beloved family members. ”


INtelligent, INdependent, INvested, and INvolved … the IN crowd approves!!!

I am so proud and happy for Denise, friends from high school (yes I knew her when!), for fulfilling a dream and publishing her first book. Easy to read, straight from the heart and understandable. Congratulations Denise on a job well done!! I'll be happily adding this book for all our IN families to enjoy and learn from!! Can’t wait for the sequel!

As we start rounding out the last week or two my heart is full and yet very heavy. The decisions ahead are difficult and my head never stops thinking about the pups and our families. There is no perfect answer and I will do my best. I have not made any decisions, although am starting to formulate more as I learn the pups personalities.

If anyone wants to volunteer for the mouth let me know :)

There's an acrobat as well, and a calm one bundle of joy who looks up with the all telling eyes. The pup that is more tentative, the pup that thinks Arrow is a shrimp. They are INdividual and INcredible!

Work keeps me insanely busy. I am less than 10 feet from them while I work but yet seems so far. When I get on conference calls they like to let the others know they are here. The voices wake them up and I'm grateful my coworkers are understanding that my time left is short as they have found their voices. I've learned that my garage is a quiet place when the phone rings and my boss probably wonders why I'm not at my computer when she calls.

My every free moment is with the pups. I'm sorry the pictures and stories have taken a back seat for their care. We dance at night, we cuddle, I tell them how much I love them and the amazing lives they will have. Ella knows. We are not ready and so happy to have a little more time with our precious IN babies. They are perfect!!

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