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Two Week Pictures

I've had a great couple of days with my corporate HR team. Seriously the best group of professionals I know and receiving real hugs was the best!! My new boss rocks and the whole team asked about the puppies. I even played the one week video for a group of our general managers during training I conducted. I'm a bit shy around new people, but there is something about these puppies that brings out my inner glow!!! The trip couldn't be missed and I miss the pups terribly. I'm ready to be home tomorrow. Momma Sue says the eyes are open and more than one pup is an escape artist. I can only imagine how big they are. Hoping the pilot gets some good tailwind going for the ride east!!

These pics are from the photoshoot this past Saturday. Can you believe how big they are from the one week photos. When I was on the phone Saturday showing one of our great families the puppies Ella looked up into my eyes as if to say "they are all mine". Yes Ella they are and you are a wonderful momma and we will share your puppies with other families to love!

Enjoy the two week photos. Sorry no snappy video this week, however in honor of our escape artists I dedicate this song:

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