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Two Weeks Away

It's hard to believe that Ella is due in two weeks from today. Time goes by so fast.

She's quite large and we're expecting a huge litter as is typical of the maternal lines behind her. The sonogram was so fun. The vet easily counted 6 with 2 hiding and I'm guessing a couple more for good measure. Ella's doing great, albeit having a hard time getting comfortable.

I'm starting to prepare for the big day. Ella's fairy godmother (after all she is Cinderella) Karen sent Ella a brand new Durawhelp. Durawhelp is an excellent whelping box. It was a huge surprise and unexpected. We're so excited to use it. Thank you Karen for your thoughtfulness.

All new whelping pads, g-floor coming (for under the whelping box) and probably more toys than we will ever need. All the supplies needed for a healthy whelping are on order as well - goats milk, benebac, calcium, etc. Some we hope not to need, some are just healthy for the momma to be. All are necessities to have on hand.

The tastiest item is yet to be purchased - haagen daz vanilla ice cream. Yes, ice cream is a great source of calcium for mothers in whelp. It will be given between puppies and the sequence will be one spoon for Ella, two for me :) She needs just enough, but not too much.

Ella has transitioned to Purina puppy food - lamb. This helps give her the nutrition through her final weeks of pregnancy and the weeks after.

Send good wishes on Saturday morning. Ella goes for her xray so we can get a more accurate count for whelping day. It's important to know this to help Ella through the deliveries and if time between pups is too much it helps to know if she is in stress.

Here's a picture of Ella's sonogram. You can see multiple puppy sacs. The sonogram was amazing, you could even make out some kicking.

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