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We are!!!

Three days old and I am so happy with the pups progress. It's been a very eventful couple of days and all in a good way.

Yesterday we took the pups to our vet and she docked their tails and dew claws. This is done in GSPs for safety reasons. Tails docked at a couple of days of age is minor, however a dog with a tail injury later in life would have quite a bit of pain associated with it. My vets a hoot and she ironically has 2 GSPs of her own. Fortunately she is also very close to where I live and we brought Ella along for the ride so she didn't have to be separated longer than necessary.

This evening we had our canine chiropractor over for an adjustment. As you can imagine the stress of birth to the body is considerable and with a large litter I wanted to ensure Ella was in as much comfort as possible. She was so happy to be adjusted and loosened up. While here he also checked all the pups and they did amazing. All pups were appropriately flexible and welcoming to his gentle touch. We had a great discussion about a study he participated in about chiropractic adjustment and milk production.

Ella continues to be an amazing mother and very attentive to the pups. So happy with how she is taking care of everyone.

So much more to share, but I know everyone wants to see some pics. These are from last night and today, along with the birth announcement. Apologies if some are double and/or not great quality. I was trying to get them uploaded asap.

This weekend, puppy names will be revealed!!! And don't worry these names sometimes stick, but our puppy owners may have something else and special in mind - that's ok too. For now though I like to give them an identity.

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