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We're back and growing!!

A week for sure!! Apologies for missing posts and pictures. I finally went to urgent care yesterday, added to my stomach bug I found out my potassium was super low. An IV, a few bananas later, a dose of perfect puppies, and I'm back on track!! Momma Sue has taken great care of the pups while I slept a good portion of the week (and sometimes closing my eyes in the puppy box!!).

So what's happening? Gosh I hope I remember all. The weekend was super busy. Pictures on Saturday with the "moon" and even retried the Hideaway Acres blanket - we're improving - slowly!!

Lots of newness this week - classical music one day, country dance another, more sounds introduced. Puppies down the stairs in small groups versus a trip in the basket.

They all became escape artists so the castle has been expanded and the whelping box double with the weaning section added.

My mom saw the one toy in the pictures as I was taking off the tags. She wanted to know what was wrong that I didn't have more toys for them. Um, here's the newborn basket and thats not all!! When I gave them a couple of toys on the weekend they weren't very interested. Now a few days later and they are interacting with each other, playing, and testing their limits. We may be headed for the "terrible twos" and I can't wait!!

Hoping the weather starts warming up. I will have a full set up outside for those nice moments and lots more toys (including the purple caterpillar that they just had to have - if I can figure out how to put it together!!)

We've introduced some milk to the pups and baby cereal mixed in. They love it and eat it in moments!! Ella still nurses them but that is coming to an end soon - they have teeth - ouch poor Ella!!!!!!

Y'all be happy that potty training has started. Yes it has and yes the pups are doing amazing!! You'll thank me later ;)

I'm sure I forgot a million things from this past week, but I want to hit publish on the blog so you see the pics asap. Thanks for your patience!!! 4 weeks soon wow time does fly!

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