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Where did the time go?

One week from now pups will start going home. It's flown by. Not to be selfish but I plan to spend as much alone time with the pups as possible. The only exception is one of my besties (and book author) will come by to see them. 8 weeks is the ideal age to pick puppies and I've started to sort them out.

Now that I've spent time with the pups and they've grown up I can say for certain they are perfect !!!! HAHA says the shoe closet!! In all seriousness though the pups temperaments are excellent. Just what I would expect from this litter and a great blend of happy energetic pups to loving & cuddly. The biggest challenge is when they've napped for a bit and I want to cuddle, my toes and hair take a beatin' with the shark teeth.

Yes, I've started to sort out pups and our forever homes. It's a process! I've thought about it for just about 8 weeks and now it's real. Everyone has been patient. The actual mechanics of it starts with two poster size post it's with girls on one and boys on the other. Then I take regular post its with everyone name and place them until I feel it's right based on the pup and what I've learned about you and your family. I love post its and I love visual tools! It really helps me sort out my thoughts. I plan to make all final decisions by Monday night.

The last couple of days involved a last minute business trip to Denver. Short and impactful and the best part was I had dinner with my original GSP mentor - June and her daughter/son in law. June and Jim (now passed on) gave me the honor of taking home Cosmo (CH Kingswood Cause for Applause CGC). My first personal GSP, although not our family's first. I'll never forget being 17 and going to conformation class and for weeks wore them down until Cosmo came home with me. I trust June to guide me. In the past I've spoken to her about who I will breed to and I realized I hadn't spoken to her in so long (she's been in Denver for a few years now). So last minute - we met for dinner and had a great time reminiscing about the "early years". Of course I whipped out the ipad and we went puppy by puppy to discuss each of them. I knew who was her favorite before she said, for exactly the reason she said, and I laughed at some of her comments. 40 years later you just know someone's type! It was super fun!

Ella still wants to be with the pups, such a great mom!!! We're so excited as she looks amazing and will be in perfect shape for Westminster in June. She was Best of Breed in 2020 and being at Madison Square Garden for the group was a lifetime dream. She's ready to pass the torch to her beautiful babies. I can't wait! Another generation of Hideaway Acres about to make their mark!

With that I will leave you with these fun pictures from the last week.

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