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2023 - The Early Months


April - September

The year has flown by. Five of Ella's puppies have finished their championship and one more has a major. What a great breeding.

We had a great nationals in May. Ella won an Award of Merit and both the Nationals and the Regional. INdy won second place in Open, Collin won his class most days and Best of Opposite Sweeps at the pre shows. Lina had a great showing in Veteran and and won many ribbons.

We were honored to have Harper Bogle on the team. She showed most of the Hideaway Acre dogs this week and did an amazing job!!!

Harper, her sister Leni and mom Nikki came for a visit in June. We had a great time and Leni finished INdy their first show together and a Reserve Best Junior win!!

Ella is currently in Utah with Harper and her sister Leni.. Ella'ss enjoying being a juniors dog and has many breed, best junior and owner handler wins. They are inseparable!!


Tia, Hideaway Acres IN Royalty Remembered earns her 2nd major and BOW in Springfield. Only a couple of more points to go. It's great to enjoy time at home watching these pups succeed at everything they do.

Ella received her invitation to the Top 25 Gala during National Week, Hunt Valley, MD. We are excited and gown shopping (for me!!) has begun!!

INdy's getting bored at home waiting for her turn to shine. Her time is coming!! Hideaway Acres What's a Little INdulgence?


Collin, Hideaway Acres Simply Irresistible hits the ring one time and wins his 2nd major at the Big E.


The year started with great results. Two of Ella and Roy pups finished their championship with majors the first weekend of the year! Congratulations to Bear and Wrigley's owners for finishing their pups championship in style.

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Stay Tuned!!! Exciting plans to be announced soon.


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